Sight: Crystalline, limpid. Suitable pearlescent when served. As the goblet is oscillated to observe this spiritual drink is reflected a high density in its body.
Smell: Strong fragrance, Structured with fresh lemon, grass seeds and subtle smoked scent, it’s complemented with nuances of candied orange rind and white flowers essences.
Taste: Bouquet with strength, citrus notes, dry in the mouth, confirmation of the olfactory promises, pleasant and persistent aftertaste.
Pairing: As an aperitif served with seafood, fresh cheese and olives.

Variety 100% Agave Angustifolia Haw(Espadin) Capon
Age of Agave 10-12 Years
Oven Earth River Rock, 72 hours
Grind Tahona, Cantera rosa, Horse
Yeast Natural, Ambient
Fermentation Pine Vats Exposed 5 days
Distillation Double Distillation in copper stills,
Graduation 45% Vol. Alcohol
Production Artisanal Made, Mechanical Free

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