Mezcal AÑEJO

Thanks to the passion and experience inherited by five generations we elaborated an exceptional craft Mezcal, part of it goes to be stored in barrels of American white oak and after five years of waiting, it gets a unique and incomparable añejo mezcal. A jewel that is offered to avid connoisseurs of fine palate.

Sight: Limpid and shiny. Clear amber hue with golden glitters. Has a good pearled and a persistent density reflected in the highlighted layer in the walls of the goblet.
Smell: Delicate and complex with cooked agave scent, honey presence, a slight note of fine woods. Very elegant roasted and smoked. You can appreciate subtle herbal notes.
Taste: Friendly to the palate, well structured. Confirmation of the olfactory promises. Maguey and
Honey notes, toasted and smoked very subtle. Fresh roast, vanilla and caramel. Elegant and silky.
Pairing: Ideal to accompany red meats. As digestive: With coconut candy or chocolate.
How to drink it: As an aperitif or digestive, on the rocks or alone.

Variety 100% Agave Angustifolia Haw (Espadin)
Age of Agave 10 years
Oven Earth River Rock, 72 hours
Grind Tahona, Cantera rosa, Horse
Yeast Natural, Ambient
Fermentation Pine Vats Exposed 5 days
Distillation Double Distillation in copper stills, regional Wood
Graduation 43% Vol. Alcohol
Production Artisanal Made, Mechanical Free
Aging 5 Years American White Oak