The knowledge of the range of wild maguey, inherited by generations and the passion for the work, enables us to provide your palate our magnum opus, Mezcal Cirial or Cuishe with its fine and elegant notes

Sight: Crystalline, limpid with silver-blue nuances. Suitable pearlescent when served. An average density it’s appreciated at the time the liquid oscillates in the goblet.
Smell: Typical fragrance of cooked agave. Natural resins scent. Green olives and fruity ending, is complemented with mineral nuances and wet mud.
Taste: Intense start with mineral notes great presence of green olives notes, dry in the mouth. With a touch of tobacco and Dark Chocolate. Presence of light smoke and wet mud.
Pairing: As an aperitif served with Mediterranean/American cuisine, fresh cheeses and olives.
How to drink it: Alone with orange supreme

Variety 100% Agave karwinskii zuuc (Cirial) Wild
Age of Agave 16-18 years
Oven Earth River Rock, 72 hours
Grind Tahona, Cantera rosa, Horse
Yeast Natural, Ambient
Fermentation Pine Vats Exposed 5 days
Distillation Double Distillation in copper stills, regional Wood
Graduation 45% Vol. Alcohol
Production Artisanal Made, Mechanical Free